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The condition where a group of people sharing a living space each avoid doing a household chore for an extended period because each believes it's someone else's responsibility. The idea is that eventually the situation will reach a critical mass where the guilty party will cave in and do the chore. In practice, the situation can escalate to extreme levels.
"I'm not going to do the dishes. It's your turn." "Yeah, but 90% of them are from the dinner you made for your girlfriend. I'm not cleaning up your mess." "I'm not playing roommate chicken with you on this. Clean it up!" "I'll die before I clean your mess." "Fuck you!" "Fuck you!"
by Logan Hawkes December 09, 2007
Victory condition for an argument where only one participant cares about the point being debated.
"...so you see, Scotty's affectation of a Scottish accent in the original Star Trek is a reference to the dominance of the Scottish shipbuilding industry in the 19th century."

"Fine! Yes! You win! You have me spockmated! Stop talking!"
by Logan Hawkes April 18, 2006
Antonym for intervention. Where an intervention is an attempt by friends and family to convince someone to seek help with a substance abuse problem an antivention is an attempt to convince someone that they are spending too much time and energy on a generally wholesome activity and that it's affecting their drinking.
"Dude, where's Robert?" "He said he had to work." "Again? He never wants to party since he made Assistant Manager. That's it. Get Harold, Kumar, Barry, Landfill and Fink. We're going over to Robert's and having an antivention. Bring beer."
by Logan Hawkes July 10, 2008
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