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A game played by old school gamers OR Dylan / Joey Combo. Very fun, but can be done with only 16 stars. Also known as, "A 16 star speed run".
Dylan: Justice
Joey: Dylan, I'm thinking Super Mario 64 speed run tonight at your house
Dylan: Justice
Joey: Make sure you have lots of cookies
Dylan: Justice
by Logan Harris October 23, 2008
Any stop sign with a white rim around it. Can be avoided if the driver so chooses to do so.
Cody: Hey jon, why is you stopping at that there red thing.
Jonny B: Cause cody, its a stop sign
Cody: No it ain't, it gots that white thingy around it
Jonny B: Good Call, Rules are for squares
Logan : Logan FTW Stoptional FTL
by Logan Harris October 23, 2008

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