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An exlamation of extreme frustration or rage, usually used when the user has trouble coming up with a word that adequately describes said frustration or rage.
This expletive first appeared in the film "A Christmas Story", when, upon discovering that the plastic leg-lamp he won at the bowling alley had been broken, Ralphie's father shouts "Nadafinga!" after failing to find a word that would adequately express his immense frustration.
by Logan Felipe September 19, 2008
The term was coined by Gaming Steve Message Board member Logan Felipe in a thread discussing evolution*. The law is named after "the State of Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes", a court case that provides a well documented, real world example of the law in action. The law's creation was also partially inspired by Godwin's Law.

*Note: This entry is not in any way intended to reflect the views and opinions of the Gaming Steve Message Board. All views expressed belong solely to Logan Felipe.
The Scopes Law states: "When discussing evolution in the presence of a creationist, the discussion always becomes a religious debate".
by Logan Felipe September 19, 2008

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