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5 definitions by Logan Earth Ski

A swift and forceful insertion of one's tongue into another's anus.
That bitch is so damn fine that I just want to run up behind her, lift up her skirt, sniff her butt, and give her the old anal tongue dart!
by Logan Earth Ski November 02, 2005
82 48
A tattoo located just above a woman's ass-crack.
Check out the johnson slapper on our waitress... I'd like to take her home, bend her over, and beat that thing like a drum with my dick!
by Logan Earth Ski November 04, 2005
14 5
The first shit you take while visiting Baja California. It's signifigance is that it is usually followed by hot, frequent, and sometimes uncontrollable shitting.
I should never have dropped my baja plug! Now I can't stop shitting, my ass is on fire, and I have just sprayed a wet fart in my last pair of pants. Fuck Mexico, I'm going home!
by Logan Earth Ski November 01, 2005
11 2
Itchy-Burny-Ass. Irritation of the asshole, usually associated with eating ethnic foods.
I can not figure it out... Ever since I have had the iba, my hand as smelled like shit.
by Logan Earth Ski November 02, 2005
15 13
Short for Typical Mexican Operation - a situation that is low-grade, make-shift, or just plain fucked-up because of the involvement of Mexicans.
I went Papas n' Bear - talk about a TMO, those fuckin' beaners were trying to fix the mechanical bull with a coat hanger and a chicken bone.
by Logan Earth Ski November 01, 2005
18 22