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A machin that helps woman achive orgasmmmm
I just got a new dildadu and we'r going to bed right now.
by Lofa Pope April 26, 2003
An old hag.
There was an old kjering walking over the road.
by Lofa Pope April 26, 2003
Cool sword made of fire, An powerfull weapon in the New cool game Ultima 7.
Look at my cool firesword
by Lofa Pope April 26, 2003
Word used when playing cards to describe clubs in a kewl way.
Specialy used in a 1337 cover of
"We built this city"
We built this kluivert, this kick ass kluivert, we bulit this kluivert on rock n' kluivert.
by Lofa Pope April 26, 2003
A word that could be everything tween heaven and earth, Motly used instead of a name of a person. Used by ppl that have a bad vocabular.
-Hiya Lof, have you loft any lof today lofa?
-STFU Lofa!
by Lofa Pope April 26, 2003

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