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A woman ingests a tube of K-Y or some similar lubricant. Concurrently, her male lover sits on the toilet and takes a shit. The woman then puts her fingers down her throat to induce vomiting and pukes lubricant on the man’s member. The woman then mounts the lubricated penis whilst the man shits – and farting sounds “Holla” out of the man’s ass. Sexual intercourse (and shitting) ensues until finished.
"I ate a big bowl of chili and then my girlfriend gave me a Mount Saint Holla!"
by Loe-tokes May 25, 2006
Same as Mount Saint Holla but with a role reversal. The man ingests lubricant whilst the woman (who wears a strap-on) takes a shit. The man then vomits the lube on the dildo and takes it up the ass while the woman continues her dump.
"My woman had a bad curry but we made the best of a bad situation when she gave me the ol' Mount Saint Holla-Back".
by Loe-tokes May 25, 2006
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