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a person, usually male.
"Hey Andrea... did I tell you about the sunny I met at the coffee shop??"
by LocoTaquito September 12, 2007
the best drug a dealer has at the time; a similar metaphor to "top shelf" liquor; sometimes used to speak to a dealer in code.
-Hey, fool. I need a dub of some fire. What's your pearl?
-I've got haze and some really pretty dro. The dub of haze will be 35, though. Which do you want?
by LocoTaquito November 28, 2007
a young male; usually used when one is referring to someone they don't know very well, or are merely acquaintances with
-Who just called you?
-Some sunny.. I didn't catch his name.. it was a wrong number, though.
by LocoTaquito September 12, 2007
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