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Someone who plagerizes or steals work.

The punishment for plagerizing.

Hey, thats my work, are you playing the lockie game?

Don't take that guys work or else you'll be playing the lockie game.
by Lockie January 23, 2003
The act of asking a woman to marry you on the first date.
"He drove from Chicago to Las Vegas and popped the question immediately after penetrating her, on the first date. Don't do what he did. Don't go full bandini."
by lockie December 11, 2015
A failed shithawk. Somebody who lurks in a chatroom or a forum waiting to snipe another user, but is ineffective. Thus, the majestic hawk lining up a shit on an unsuspecting target below lets out such a small squeeze from the cloaca that only a tinkle is produced. The target feels a slight drizzle and wonders if a finch just pissed on them.
"hey guys this guy just tried shitting on my day, but i only felt a tinkle. it was refreshing. thank you pissfinch!"
by lockie January 29, 2015

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