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A horrible arsehole, a heartless, mean bastard.
by Loch January 22, 2003
The act of causing someone great pain by violently defecating onto them to experience extreme pleasure.

Could also be the act of defecating into the water supply of an entire city in order to receive pleasure from the thought of thousands of people drinking your "rrhea".
*Janitor walks into a dirty bathroom*
"My God... looks like some sado-defecism has been going on here."

"Hey toss me another can of that sado-defecism!"
by Loch February 18, 2005
1. The act of rape when being performed by a midget, dwarf, or mythical gnome.

2. The act of rape when being performed ON a midget, dwarf, or mythical gnome by any other creature.

3. The name given to offspring produced from
either act 1 or 2.
"Mr. Roberts you are being charged with one count of fuxling."

"Mr. Roberts, due to the act of fuxling in which your wife was involved you will soon be a father."

Mr. Roberts: "Get out of here you little fuxling!!"
by Loch July 22, 2009
that really well known guy for shoving his knee up boys asses, and then trying to touch peoples balls and dicks mwahaha
Douglas Lindley
by loch June 06, 2012
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