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when your hanging over the toilet getting ready to vomit and your stomach starts heaving. Your cheeks and mouth cant hold it in anymore. Sometimes you just blow bubbles in the toilet water.
"Last night I had the jiffles so bad!" "Really Dude, That Sucks!" "Yeah, I was blowin' bubbles in the toilet water."
by Lobodomyeyes November 20, 2009
Being passionate about the Ocean and utilizing it in your life. Whether it be via boating, surfing, diving, fishing or just being a beach bum. Salt Life is a company that sells apparel, jewelry, stickers and etc, so "Salt Lifers" can show their pride.
I've been bumming around the beach a lot lately. Really living the Salt Life.

Susie moved to Florida and is really into the environment now. She goes to the public beaches and cleans up trash. She wants to keep it clean so she can enjoy her new salt life.
by Lobodomyeyes May 30, 2010

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