55 definitions by LoLa

what you say to someone when you just get in a fight with them and you try to make it up so u say this
Hey ex-best friend lori
by lola April 14, 2005
someone ugly
he/she is butters
by lola June 27, 2003
bitch, mean, rude, lesbian, whore
ur such a miriam diass fetchner!
by Lola February 28, 2005
a way of saying for sheeze mah neeze
jigga what u doin lata??
im not fsho but ill let you know
by lola September 25, 2004
Extreme sexyness, that can only be achieved by the one and only Adam. Yep, he's got one sexay arse!
Adam Wehmann is soooooo sexay!
by Lola August 06, 2003
a dick, the sex matiene, a hary object used to make a woman pregnant, the woman's favorate thing!
jo put his dick up lizzy's vagina
by lola March 17, 2005
a delicious addition to bedtime activities, that should be experienced, especially by people named erin nadler.
by Lola August 06, 2003

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