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The act of rolling down the car windows on a hot, Summer day to dry your hair when its just too damn hot to use a blow dryer.
Yeah, I'm on my way over. I"m running late and it's fucking hot. I just got out of the shower. I'm just gonna get a Summer Blowjob on my way over. I'll be windswept and fucking fabulous.
by Lo fo sho July 04, 2011
the opposite of book smart, the culmination of not going to school for a long time but not necessarily the opposite of street smart
I'm thinking about going back to college after just working for the last 11 years but I might have gotten too book dumb.
by Lo fo Sho September 07, 2010
The non-inked parts of a heavily tattooed person's body. Bare skin that is a gold mine for tattoo artists.
Jen got another tattoo? Where? She's running out of tattoo real estate to put anymore ink on.
by Lo fo sho August 14, 2010
A hamburger that's been pimped out by every condiment and topping you could imagine, so much so, that you can barely wrap your mouth around it.

Cheese, BBQ sauce, onoin rings, avacado, jalepenos, mushrooms, bacon, chilis.....
"Dude, I've been on a diet for 2 weeks. I can't wait to get out and wrap my lips around a sleazeburger and wash it down with a beer. I'm gonna feel like a slut by the time I'm done with that burger."
by Lo Fo Sho February 21, 2010
NOT the mattress company, rather it's the great equalizer, a force to be reckoned with. The sleep deprived all eventually take a ride on the sleep train, even P. Diddy. After days or weeks of sleep deprivation, eventually you get on board and don't wake up until many hours later, with an epic case of bed head, crusty eyes, and pillow creases in your face. Even beautiful people wake up looking like hell.
Dude, did you just get up? You've been asleep for like 14 hours.
Yeah, I haven't slept all week, now I feel like I've been hit by a train.
You look like shit. What's wrong with your hair?
I was on the sleep train and I couldnt' get off.
by lo fo sho November 07, 2010
A bitch that's also a snitch, a double whammy, someone who's not only mean but also completely untrustworthy
You better watch your back with that one...she's so socially retarted, she thinks the only way to get a promotion is by snitching on all her co-workers behind closed doors and in the hallways. That bitch is a snitch! She's a sniyatch!
by Lo fo Sho September 07, 2010
The emotional slump hardcore fantasy football fans go into after the football season is over with.
Person 1: Hey, you wanna go out Monday night for a beer?
Person 2: No. I can't. I'm too depressed that football is over with. Mondays won't be the same again for me until September.
Person 1: You gotta snap outta your fantasy funk, dude.
by Lo Fo Sho February 21, 2010
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