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slang term for homework
"Dude, I've decided never to do domestic labor again!"
"Right on, I'm with ya dude"

"Yeah, that's right. My dog ate my domestic labor...bitch!"

"Hey Gaylord, you coming over to smoke the hookah tonight?"
"Nah man, I have a crotchload of domestic labor tonight."
by Llerradster February 14, 2006
1. noun-(poo'pur loo'pur) slang for buddy, friend
2. noun- one that throws his own feces

originated from "party pooper" but has no real similarity in meaning. used when instant messaging mainly rather than public.

sometimes shortened to "pooper" or manipulated to be "poop-a-loop"
"sup pooper looper!"
"not much playa, u?"
"just chillin"
by Llerradster February 14, 2006
another way of saying a large amount;
if said by a male, it has a dual effect by saying a large amount while giving credit to the size of his "large" penis

originates from buttload, assload, shitload, fuckload, etc.

"You have any weed?"
"I have a crotchload."
"A crotchload? Does that mean you have alot?"
"I don't know, ask your mom."

"I have a crotchload of work to do."
by Llerradster February 14, 2006

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