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2 definitions by LlamaxNinja

The act of opening the fridge, freezer and pantry to do nothing but stare inside with no intention of actually eating.
I get the worst case of smorgasboredom usually when I'm watching Court TV.
by LlamaxNinja July 02, 2009
Read Before Posting. Stupid people post things in forums thinking their BA, when really they were owned 20 posts ago.
"I saw that video the other day. I can't believe he actually raped the dog."
"Actually I heard it was just a stuffed animal. It kind of makes sense after his eye falls off"
"Oh yeah you're right. It's not as funny anymore"
"LEIK oMGz TaHt is SOOOOOOOO wRongzors!!1 Im calINg Peta! All oF U sH0u1d DYEEE 4 THNKS funy!"
"n00b, rbp dick."


"What's his stats?"
"Intel 56"
"56 intel"
"Like Intel? 56"
"Like anyone's going to know that."
"I think his Intel is 56"
"Okay, I effing got it. Jeez, rbp"
by LlamaxNinja July 23, 2008