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One of the greatest places known to man to consume piff, bud, ganja, cheeba, weed, pot, sticky or just smoke a cigarette. Nestled in the cliffs of Stillwater, MN along the St. Croix River, Piff's Peak isn't only a play on words of "Pike's Peak," it also gets it's name from bearing a breath-taking view of the river, pine trees and cliffs, which, coincidentally, are best observed under the influence of some high quality reefer.
Pothead 1: Man, there's cops all around the city, where can we toke up?!

Pothead 2: Piff's Peak.

Pothead 1: What's that?

Pothead 2: You'll see.

(the potheads arrive at Piff's Peak)

Pothead 1: HOLY FUCK!
by Lladro July 04, 2011

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