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4 definitions by Lizzy McWhore

a comely young lass of independent means, that everyone wants to fuck like a mule all night long, but would be ashamed to be seen holding hands with her in daylight hours.

Usually has a pretty face, large creamy breasts, but too much kargo in the rear.

see "riding a moped"
to burn off some surplus kilojules, kargo went for a brisk walk to KFC.

along the way she met a young "ethnic" chap who proceeded to roger her with vigor.

his mates drove by in their fulsik ricer and mocked him for "smuggling kargo".
by Lizzy McWhore July 30, 2004
conducting verbal discussion about the forthcoming Windows 2003 active directory deployment with the naive and perky young female project assistant, while deftly unzipping your strides and "shaking hands with the unemployed"
don't worry love, you can take it all in... i've been fixed.
by Lizzy McWhore July 30, 2004
to resign from gainful employment without concern for binding contractual obligations.
fuck you and your rules man... I am an "artiste", I go with the flow... well its a laydees nite-a...
by Lizzy McWhore July 30, 2004
the skirt that everyone chases and the piece of tail that no-one gets to nail.
I will have two orders of shortstack pikelets with extra maple, post haste.
by Lizzy McWhore July 30, 2004