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The Script is an Irish Pop Rock band formed in 2001, the members are called Danny O'Donoghue, Mark Sheehan and Glen Power. Danny is the frontman and plays the keyboard, but can also play piano, guitar and drums believe it or not. Mark plays the guitar. Glen plays the drums but can also play guitar. Before The Script there were an Irish band called MyTown who Danny and Mark were in, they released a hit 'Party All Night'. You may know The Man Who Can't Be Moved, Breakeven, For the First Time and Hall of Fame, which are all hits from The Script. Danny has been a judge on The Voice for two series and has won the second series with Andrea Begley! The Script don't just sing songs, they also write them, like If You Could See Me Now is about Danny's dad (Shay O'Donoghue) who passed away on valentines day years ago and Mark Sheehans both mum and dad who passed away. Now here's for some useless information! Danny is 6'4 and has size 11 feet, his favorite drink is Guinness, he has a tattoo with 3 dots behind his ear for #3 album, his rose tattoo is a charm for his dad and his prescription for glasses is 2.5! I don't know as much about Mark and Glen cos I'm not married to them but Marks favorite drink is red wine, he has 3 dots on his hand for #3 album, he has his own 'TV show' called 'The Mouth' and swears a lot! I don't know where Glens tattoo is but I know he has an angel on his arm, he has called up a random fan a couple of times and once he got Mark to cut his hair!
person: hey have you heard the new song by the script

Me: yeah! I brought their new album the other day
by Lizzie O'Donoghue June 30, 2013
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