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A mysterious happening that cannot be spoken of
Person one: I'm so sorry for your terrible loss Dennis.
Person two: What Terrible Loss? What Happened?
Person one: look, I know you're going through a hard time so I'll just drop it
Person two: Thanks. Thats exactly what I wanted to hear
by Liza Menelli October 24, 2009
A childlike person typically ranging from 13 - 17 years old
A person who thinks that acting like a baby that using a lot of slang and make-up is cool. They type messages in a confusing and illegible way, and they can take picures, edit them, and actually make it look like they're attractive when they aren't.

Their hair is over the top, and by thinking they're unique, they just fit in with the cliche even more.
Scene girls often state that they're bisexual when that is often not the case at all.
xxxpainfullycutexxx :OMG I love llamas and pop cultureeee and COLORS!

ilovegiraffes: me too !!!! we are so sceneeee!
by Liza Menelli October 24, 2009

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