4 definitions by Liz420666

It is something that still doesn't work.
Liz:Pass the bong.
Tom:What about marijuana prohibition?
Liz:What the fuck is that?
by Liz420666 October 04, 2004
The three saddest words in the herban dictionary.
Liz:Pack another bowl, Ruby!
Ruby:No more pot.
by Liz420666 October 04, 2004
When two people throw down on a bowl (if this ever happens) or when two people just want green hit, one person calls corner hit. Then the person who hits it first only hits the corner of the bowl and passes the bowl to the other person who wanted green hit and they hit the other corner.
person 1: Hey, man, I want green hit, too.
person 2: I'll save you corner hit.
by Liz420666 October 03, 2004
When a person hits a bowl and residue gets sucked into their mouth.
Fuck! I just got shit on! That shit's nasty!
by Liz420666 October 03, 2004

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