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Cyber goth is a form of goth in which they wear ridiculously large neon dreds, goggles, and drawn-in eyebrows to where they look like tacky drag queens.

Many are extremly arrogant and usually elitist, they think they're 'bad-ass' because they like to overuse the term 'cunt' and generally won't talk to you unless you're as bitchy as they are.

Would you believe how obnoxious some cyber goth (s) are? They wouldn't talk to me until I shaved my eyebrows!

CYBERGOTH: Don't be upset because I'm better than you, more original and don't like you. I am the Queen Cunt.

OTHER PERSON: You and and the other 500,000 cyber goths who claim that title.
by Liz123 August 08, 2006

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