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A half-shaven pussy with funny tendrils of hair extending along the leg creases. It looks like a vagina moustache.
The "That 'Seventies Pet" in Penthouse last month had an hilarious muff-tache.
by Liz Gums January 27, 2009
A category above a plain old swampdonkey. A shwampdonkey (shwamper, shwampdonk, etc...) only receives this title after having been shwamped in a shwamp (fucked by multiple guys, outside, on the {preferably damp} ground). Until that point, she's still a swamper.
Tera's a shwampdonkey! Look at the mud stains on her knees and back! Fuckin' shwamper!
by Liz Gums January 27, 2009
To fuck and suck.
Jane's always good for a shluff n puff.
by Liz Gums January 27, 2009
To fuck.
I'm shluffin' that bitch as we speak.
by Liz Gums January 27, 2009

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