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the land from which Jewish people hail when they do not want to admit being from any real country.
Richard although actually of Russian heritage, claimed to be from Jewland because he didn't understand the concept of geography.
by Liz January 03, 2004
a guy who says that he wants some, but instead he is too scared to make a move and just leads girls on.
A guy named Hal, who pretends to want to hook up with girls, but who instead is a pitiful virgin.
by liz January 16, 2005
when a group of your ex-girlfriends get together
You really want to avoid an ex-girlfriend junction
by Liz December 25, 2003
when something sucks and you want to quit
When I have a headache I take damitall.
by Liz August 21, 2004
when a man is trying to go after someone who is takin'.
Man that guy is creepin on your girl
by Liz July 27, 2003
a channel that used to be realy cool and full of cool music untill it started showing more and more stupid shows that have nothing to do with music such as real world, rich girls, etc...mtv2 and mtvh are better...they play actual music.
lets watch mtv
no! thats just stupid shows! howabout mtv2 or mtvh instead?
by liz December 27, 2003
the flat area between the butthole and the scrotum... very arrousable place
i touched his patio and he went boom
by Liz January 21, 2003

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