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155 definitions by Liz

to kiss wit sum tounge!
last night bob got with tina in the back room
by liz December 10, 2003
153 93
Really awesome move where you bang a chic in the ass, and just before you cum, pull out and spit on her neck. Innocently thinking you finished, she turns around, just in time for you to nail her in the face.
by Liz May 15, 2003
100 42
One of the 5 boroughs of The City of New York. Virtually impossible to get around without a car. Despite being exceedingly large, is mainly devoid of subway transport and reliable bus transport. An economically diverse area, though the changes are gradual, there is a sharp contrast between sets of not too far away neighborhoods. Shares south boarder with Brooklyn.
A. I used to live in Queens, but now I moved to Brooklyn.

B. To get to my friend's house, I had to take two trains and then a bus! And I still had to walk ten effin' blocks!

C. It's like, you travel down Union Turnpike, and you are suddenly in Kew Gardens, and it's like... woah... where did all these trees and houses come from?

D. I can take the G train straight up to Queens!
by Liz November 16, 2005
110 55
Coined by Pokey the Penguin, a version of the exclamation "hooray!"
"I will not mangle your intestines."
by Liz October 10, 2003
64 9
A play or movie that contains musical numbers.
Often broadway shows. Include annoyingly good songs like Oklahoma, which is educational because it teaches us that oklahoma is spelled "O-k-l-a-h-o-m-a" and some other showtunes
I've been in countless musicals. My first one was Oklahoma! Like you care...
by Liz March 05, 2004
80 28
J.K. Rowling's fifth novel, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Popular shorthand amongst bloggers.
"Did you read my blog last night about OotP?"
"Nooo! I haven't read it yet, and I don't want to read any spoilers before then!"
by Liz April 01, 2005
75 25
Charlie Simspon from Busted's other band that he's leaving Busted to go to. Fightstar are much more rock than Busted and they are totally wicked.
Can't remeber the name of the song cos the names weird or maybe I'm having a mental block. I dunno
by Liz January 30, 2005
90 40