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Dot dot dot... silence...
crickets: *chirp chirp* ...
by liz March 04, 2003
1) A Woman of Distinction
If life were fair, everyone would be a Gamma
by Liz March 31, 2004
Used as a reply to someone who uses gay as an insult and believes they are cool for doing so.
A: That's so gay!
B: You're so freaking hetero. Gosh!
by Liz March 09, 2005
A fake commercial from the popular television show SNL. This skit first aired sometime in the mid 90s.
"Imagine this pitcher of ice tea is a gallon of your feces..."

"How do you know so much about Oops I Craped My Pants?"
"Because I'm wearing them...and I just did."
by Liz February 20, 2005
The most lovable dog is a chihuahua.........for all you bitches and ho's who don't get it !!!
The chihuaua is so small.
by liz November 14, 2003
The most painful thing you could ever expeirience. Most likely will involve lots of cursing, stupid doctors and make your insignifigant other feel extremly unloved.
Why the hell do people film childbirth? So they can remember the pain, yelling, pain and more pain?
by Liz July 29, 2004
to kiss wit sum tounge!
last night bob got with tina in the back room
by liz December 10, 2003

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