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The greatest, in many rabidly obsessed people's opinions, "Marauders' Era" (circa 1970 Hogwarts) Harry Potter fanfiction EVER. Written by Lady Jaida and Dorkorific and hosted on LiveJournal, it has become widely popular and there are heaps of readers who believe that it is canonJ.K. Rowling who? It is meant to be Remus/Sirius slash but remains nearly gen for at least the first nineteen parts.
"MERLIN'S BEARD," I shrieked into my unfortunate friend's ear, "SHOEBOX HAS BEEN UPDATED!"
She sniffed disdainfully and made an off-handed comment about how Remus/Sirius slash is wrong and her personal OC, an author avatar by the name of Mary-Sue—I mean, Crimson Midnight Slytherin, fits much better with both Remus and Sirius. And James, and Lucius, but not Tom Riddle because they're related and that would be "icky."
I smacked her with a pillow, initiating a catfight much like those between Narcissa Black and Carmina Rosier.
by Liz February 14, 2005
Feeling sorry for everything and everyone and giving in to emotions quickly.
'My heart bleeds for you.' I am a bleeding heart.
by Liz February 23, 2005
A smallish disgustingly rich town in New Jersey. Defining characteristics include SUVs, loads of money, and a largely preppy lifestyle.
A good indication that you are a Basking Ridge resident is that when you crashed your mercedes on the turnpike on the way to a Dave Matthews Band concert because you were driving while high, your parents immediately bought you a new BMW.
Everybody wants to get as far away from Basking Ridge as possible for college.
by Liz December 19, 2004
you and your boys squad up to get ready to fight or participate in some other form of mischief.
John and his boys had to squad up when Raakim's crew kept talkin' noise.
by liz November 30, 2004
does not trust human nature
amanda- why do u have to be so cynical?
by liz November 09, 2003
Despite what a lot of the other definitions say, Brooklyn is not merely a county of posers. Also home to the beautiful Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, the previous home of the Brooklyn Dodgers, and housing one of the 'Big Three' in New York City specialized Highschools, the specialized Brooklyn Technical Highschool. Originally a seperate city, remainants of it's former name and occupation linger in names of streets and areas like 'Kings Highway' and 'Kings Plaza'. One of the boroughs to use the area code 718. Culturally diverse, it has neighborhoods where the predominating background is easily evident in the signage, the population, and the overall atmosphere.
A. There is more to Brooklyn then poser gangasters and 'garbage bag pants'.

B. Brooklyn Tech Highschool stands up there with Stuyvesant and Bronx Science!

C. Let's go hang out at Kings Highway after school!

D. It's like a Russian Chinatown in this area... every sign is in Russian!
by Liz November 16, 2005
Dot dot dot... silence...
crickets: *chirp chirp* ...
by liz March 04, 2003

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