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When good friends get together, go to Wal-Mart at 11:30pm to buy the mix & sprinkles, decorate them all pretty-ful, write on post cards silly notes like "We were going to TP your house, but we decided to cup-cake you instead, ENJOY!", leaving them on people's door steps, ringing the doorbell, and hauling ass. Hiding behind a bush/trash can/underneath a car is always the best part of cup-caking. The reactions of the neighbors is also a delight! Will they eat it? Throw it and try to find the asshole teenagers commiting random acts of kindness? The intensity is overwhelming.
"My friends and I went cup-caking last night"

"Is that where a midget eats out a porn star?"

"No it's when good friends get together, go to wal- etc, etc."
by Liz, Devin, and Maggie August 06, 2007
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