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Short for Hard Kunt. Often used in Australia and made popular by ImMrTeddy via his Youtube video: How to be a HK (Hard Kunt).

They are menace to society.
They are most often seen at Mirrabooka, Armadale, Northbridge and all those other dodgy suburbs.
I went down to Mirrabooka today, so many HK's.

Did you see what Adam is wearing? What a HK!
by LivvyGrl November 23, 2011
An obnoxious, pretentious, self-important jerk who’s oblivious to their own ridiculousness.
John Edwards is a douchebag

South Park:
John Edwards: But I'm a psychic.

Stan: No dude, your a douche.

John Edwards: I'm not a douche. What if I really believe dead people talk to me?

Stan: Then you're a stupid douche.
by LivvyGrl December 19, 2011

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