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The discrimination and degrading treatment towards the Jewish people.
WWII, NAZI Germany, Adolf Hitler formed and anti-semitic movement against the Jews.
by Livvy March 08, 2005
An individual who is sexually stimulated by pain, either self-inflicted or administered by others.
The masochist looked forward to trips to the dentist.
by Livvy August 16, 2003
The feeling of pleasure (sexual) from being hurt. The direct opposite of sadism where pleasure is caused from other people's pain.
Sharon is a masochist, she likes being whipped while making love. Stupid drunk.
by Livvy March 08, 2005
Most awesomest person in the world.
The nickname for Olivia.
Simply a stunning person all round.
Livvy is the BEST person in the world.
by Livvy March 13, 2005

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