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Virtual Learning Environment - a website where school work can be set and marked, meaning you get to do homework even if you miss a week or two...

It is also worshipped by geography teachers who constantly assure the class that everything is ok - its on the VLE.
Student - sir, I didnt understand the homework on acid rain.

Teacher - well, you should have checked the VLE...

Student - but no one uses that thing, its a waste of time...

Teacher - Without the VLE you will fail life and die

Student - oh.
by Livinliqid January 10, 2010
Means taking two tokes of a cigarette or spliff, mainly used by scene UK teens living in middle class areas
Person 1 - hey is that weed?
Person 2 - yes, yes it is
Person 1 - Tokey-Toke?
Person 2 - no, get a life.
by Livinliqid October 04, 2009

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