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a word to call someone who is being retarded or just being a plain douchebagel.
dude this guy came up to my door and threw egg and dog dung at my window! hes such an anusface! he even left his clowup doll for me!
by LivingdeadKat September 27, 2007
again, a word you can say without cussing, which still means the same thing, except its funnier.
Jack: owww! i stubbed my toe! sonofadouche!

teacher: what did u say?

Jack: sonofadouche....

teacher: *snort snort* oh.
by LivingdeadKat September 14, 2007
a name to call someone when you are ether, in school, or a place you cannot cuss in. very good thing to call sumone when they are acting stupid.
Bob: *trips and falls over a jelly bean* woah! look out there little jelly bean!!

Fred: wow, ur such a mother doucher!!

Bob: i know what u are, but what am i?

Fred: A mother doucher....

Bob: shut up!!!
by LivingdeadKat September 14, 2007

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