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New Bedford: A diamond in the rough. If it wasn't for the crackhead fishermen bringing the best of the drugs known to man...our city would be wonderful! But that's the mayor's job to clean that up...so DO YOUR JOB LANG!

Dunkin' on every other corner, hey! what's better than that!

A city where you feel welcome... just watch your back. Yes the people smile and say hello as they walk by, but god knows what their intentions are!
A place where if you want KFC...go before dinnertime! Otherwise you've got a 45min wait on your hands!

And yes, you will actually see people on the front porch drinking grape kool-aid and braiding hair!!!
"Hey mama, go get some fried chicken Tamika is coming ova to hook a niggah up wit some braids...gotta feed her so I don't have to owe her any fava's! These bitches in New Bedford are greedy"
by LivinLaVida August 20, 2008

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