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1 definition by Livin' the good life

Bentley College is a small, private, upper echelon school where students learn the lesson…
“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. Bentley College a prime example of a modern, practical, business education with AMAZING networking perks. In Bentley’s freshman dorms, random roommates often become business partners. Students at Bentley have a great opportunity to learn about the accounting rules of LIFO and FIFO in class- but all Bentley students understand that in the business world, deals are made on golf courses and on yachts.
There are two types of students at Bentley College, filthy rich and driven. The two groups often work together; trust fund students provide capital to the hardworking students and before you know it… you find yourself in a SL 55 AMG in San Paulo with a briefcase full of cash ***ahhhh!!!!
by Livin' the good life June 26, 2006
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