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A popular girl is not a mean bitch or whatever those sterio types are. I am popular, and obviously we are not sluts! Sure there are those girls who overload on the make up and people think that's cool...it's not. If you want to be popular you need to be yourself and trust me they will like you if you act like yourself. If you are some cyco and you have neer acted normal a day in your life, then I don't think that you would just go over to them and be all normal all of a sudden! But the sterio type of a popular girl is straight out mean. An people are always like "ooh the populars are sooo mean!!!" well truly they aren't!!! "I don't think people notice but the "nerds" are the ones talking shit about them! And the popular girls are just minding their own business with there friends. Yeah normally the popular girls are almost seeming pretty and perfect but we all have flaws and they do too. The so called "normals" might have sleepovers and act crazy!! And be like "haha omg I bet the populars would never be doing this! Well....i hate to break it to you, but your wrong! We have sleepovers all the time and want to know what we do? Run around, scream, laugh, ride around on little toy cars from when we were like 5!! All the same things except maybe play on our dss we hate those...sorry! Haha we aren't bitches! If anything, the losers are because they shit on us so much!! Don't want to be friends with the popular girls? What ever! Your loss of ever getting a good boyfriend!!!
Loser girls Miranda and Melissa: wow look at them...laughing over there with their boyfriends! They are such bitches!!! I hate them so much! Ugh

(over with the popular girls)

Meghan: guys, I don't know about you but have you noticed how Melissa and Miranda have been so mean lately!

Kara: I noticed that too! Today in bio I saw them like shifting on Mikayla and I!!

Mikayla: yeah guys you will never believe what they were saying..

Kayla: what did they say? :( babes you'll be okay;) we luv ya and thats all that matters right!? <33

Kara: well we heard them say; "wow they are fucking bitches!!! Look at them over there talking to Zach and Kyle all flirty and all! Oh my god I can't take them any longer!!"

Jenn: that's because they are so jealous of you gorge girls;) just don't worry about it they just want to be in your position and have the boys falling for them!!

Caroline: haha guys you know it's true!!! We love you and honestly we have to forget them cause they are just here to throw bombs on us everyday!!

Sophie: group hug? ;)

Ava: everyone, get in<3

Sophie: Guys lets make sure that we won't ever let those girls EVER make us upset okay??

Mikayla: yeah guys shes right! Forget them! Let's go talk to Jack and Ryan so they can make us laugh again! ;)

Caroline: yeah and we can just ignore them and maybe we won't ever hear them call us slutty popular girls ever again!! Who's with me!!??

All the girls: me!!

Kara: aww I love you guyssss<333
by Live_Laugh_Love_mylife April 23, 2012

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