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1. Online infrastructure provided by most universities known for having recordings of classes

2. A valid reason to not attend classes
1. Student 1: Dude, the teacher was talking sooo fast I didn't understand anything!
Student 2: No problem, you can always relisten to the class on WebCT.

2. Student 1: I hear there's that great event in an hour, we should totally go!
Student 2: Yeah totally! But we have a class in an hour...
Student 1: No problem, just WebCT that shit!
by LiveMD October 24, 2010
An emoticon for a distressed doctor.

A combination of the emoticon D: and the physician tittle Dr
The 'r' can also be seen as a headlamp.

Sources of stress includes massive amount of knowledge to to memorize in a short amount of time, working over 60 hours a week during residency, crazy requirements and selection of medical school and the combination of the lack of sleep and high consumption of caffeine/energy drinks.
Med student 1: We have our Unit 2 exam next week.
Med student 2: D:r

Med1 student receives his first unit: D:r
by LiveMD November 20, 2010
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