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From the game "Shake it up" on Mario Party 8 for the Wii, in which a player must shake his/her can for 5 seconds and whoever has the highest stream wins. Naturally, this became a great innuendo for jerking off.
-Where the hell is John?
-Probably shaking the can.
by Live Texas Boatshow February 09, 2008
1) In the popular television show Lost, the audience discovered during season 3 that everyone has been having sex on the island. This prompted the title of Boner Island for the island on which the show takes place.
2) In Mario Party 8 for the Wii, when a player lands on a golden space, they will be transported to a secret location filled with a bunch of free coins and a free star at the end. This secret, magical, and sometimes mysterious location was given the title of Boner Island for these reasons. Derived from the Boner Island on Lost.
1) -Did you watch Lost yesterday?
-Yeah, they should call that place Boner Island.

2) -Yes! I landed on the gold space. Off to Boner Island.
by Live Texas Boatshow February 12, 2008
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