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A chivala is an old slang word used by South Siders and Pisas that insults a man's masculintiy. To call a man a chivala is like calling him a bitch, or a punk, or something feminine and less than a man. A chivala is like a person who drinks dirty toilet water, who will not fight and would rather run or hide than stand up for himself.
"See that chivala over there? I just took all of his shit!"
by Littlewood April 03, 2008
A "domar" is what wildland firefighters pack up the mountains to keep the chainsaw fueled up. It is a two compartmented gas can that holds both fuel and oil for a two cycle small engine that chainsaws commonly have. It also has a small pack attached to it to hold extra chanis, a wrench and screwdriver tool for the saw along with files for sharpening the chain. It is usually toted by putting an axe handle through the gas can handle and hoisted over the shoulder.

To carry the domar a person has to be extemely physically fit in order to tote this 40 pound package up and down steep terrain for miles in the scorching hot sun beside an even hotter fire.
I had to carry the domar in to the fire for 12 miles!
by Littlewood April 23, 2008

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