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The most diverse and AMAZING group of ladies you have ever met. Generally very selective about the kind of ladies they let in because Phi Mu has very strong values to uphold and they need strong, beautiful women to accomlish that.

Love, honor, and truth is what Phi Mu's stand for, and as the second oldest greek organization for women (older than the word sorority!) there is a rich history that these women share.

Every guy wants to date one, and every girl wishes they could be one.

Sometimes insulted by being called "phi moo", which just shows how shallow other sororities are and why they can't be Phi Mu's.
Guy #1: Hey man, what did you do last night?
Guy #2: I was with a Phi Mu all night, it was the best night of my life!
Guy #1: No way!! You totally got some!!
Guy #2: No way man, you don't treat a real lady like that. You gotta work for a Phi Mu's love.
by Littlehobbit234 September 22, 2008
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