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A website designed to bring Fitness and Video games together to create a competitive fitness based social networking website.
"I just earned 505 points for my workout on Fitocracy!"

"You should try Fitocracy, it actually succeeded where the Nintendo Wii Failed"

"I need 10 more points to level up on Fitocracy!!!"
by Little_miss September 12, 2012
A word created in Fitocracy, often used when one receives a large quantity of Props as a form of supports or 'likes'.
"Woah, Little_miss has 2,866 props!"

"Yeh, She's really propular on Fitocracy"
by Little_miss September 12, 2012
shady and not to be trusted. either in business dealings, or on a personal level.

1. i bought my cell phone at some skeechy store in china town

2. yo girl why you run with those skeechy guys. they shifty eyed
by little_miss October 01, 2006
kids who act retarded because they have done to many e's. they do ecstacy at raves and their brains get holes in them so they act like idiots. real silly and dumb
1. yo those kids in the park are a bunch of e-tards
2. trevor started going to raves and getting high all the time. he lost his job and steals money. hes a huge e-tard
by little_miss September 28, 2006
1.some one who is an easy target for disses. basically a loser.
that wigger who acts like eminem is such a marksman
by little_miss September 29, 2006

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