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Slang for a fourfold vibrator. Often used in connection with a sexual act called Canada's History.
Girl 1:
Did you manage to clean your Moose Antlers? After studying Canada's History last week they were a sticky mess!

Girl 2: I got rid of most of the maple syrup by hand, but after putting them in the dishwasher they now are as good as new.
by LittleStevieC February 06, 2010
in connection with sexual intercourse the proverbial "Stanley Cup" is a Game within a mostly lesbian sexual act called Canada's History involving maple syrup as a lubricant. The winner of the "Stanley Cup" reiceves oral pleasuring from the losing parties.
Girl 1:
Why was Susan in such a good mood today?

Girl 2:
When we studied Canada's History last night Susan won the Stanley Cup and therefore we had to eat her out while licking all of the maple syrup off her cunt.
by LittleStevieC February 06, 2010
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