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Probably the greatest rapper alive. With a wide array of personae like Slim Shady, Ken Kaniff, and Marshall Mathers(his given name), he is able to rap about pretty much anything. His first album, Infinite, released as a demo tape, features a young Eminem. The Slim Shady EP, featured the introduction of the wildly popular Slim Shady persona. The Slim Shady LP, his first feature length studio album, which was heavily produced by Dr. Dre, went Triple Platinum, and is widely considered his most popular album. His next two albums, The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show Went on to be the best selling albums of their respective years.
While I form like Voltron and blast you with my shoulder missiles, Slim Shady, Eminem was the old initials.
#slim shady #ken kaniff #hailie mathers #dr. dre #shady/aftermath
by LittleShannonDudley January 29, 2012
Only Caucasian who can say the N-Word and get away with it, as evidenced at the Up In Smoke Tour in 2000/2001, when he was rapping along with Dr. Dre during What's The Difference.
Until then, I ain't even speaking your name, just keep my name out of your mouth and we can keep it the same, nigga. - Eminem and Dr. Dre, during Dre's verse.
#nigga #marshall mathers #dr. dre #xzibit #white people
by LittleShannonDudley January 29, 2012
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