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Hamster God is literally god when you're on ecstacy.He is thee mighty powerful one.He's in his yellow hamster ball but he's so powerful and mentally advanced that he uses his mind to just float in the center of it.Hamster=nucleus of the atom
Picture yourself as the nucleus of an atom.With all the electrons surrounding you in a ball and like you're completely in the center of it.
But the hamster is the nucleus inside his hamster ball.
I feel so invincible inside my electron cloud.
I feel like Hamster God.
by LittleMsGiggleWho & ShitSleeve September 12, 2009
When you're on or coming down from ecstacy in a calm environment and you're having a relaxing walk.
Strolling means walking
Rolling means on ecstacy
and 'axing' comes from relaxing
so if you add it all up,you're strollaxing.
Jasmine and I were strollaxing down Seacost dr. today.
by LittleMsGiggleWho & ShitSleeve September 12, 2009

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