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Voted 2007's 13th worst place to live in England, home of people who know how to get through life without making trouble. If not, well, ah....
Also the home of possibly the best thing to eat EVER: Oatcakes.
Accent consists of trying to say everything as fast as possible, also coming out with wierd nicknames.
normal person- Hi Amy, would you please pass me the television remote?
stoke on trent person- Oy, duck, chuck me the doodah!
NP- I really want to see that new Harry Potter film!
S-O-T P- Ahreallywannaseethenewharrypotterfilm

or, with appropriate pronunciation
S-O-T P- Ah reely wan see tha new 'Arry Po'er film
by LittleMissSecretSants December 14, 2010

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