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1. Bitcoin (.00000001) A self-effacing homonym formed that means "non cents" or a contraction of "nonce cents" -- and sounds like "nonsense"!
This round we had 6M shares in, and I'll I got for my effort was .12345678 Noncents!
#bitcoin #share #mining #miner #satoshi
by LittleDuke April 07, 2012
The process of reviewing old photo's or yearbooks and suddenly discovering that someone has become more attractive. Usually indicative of a change in tastes or maturity, or a desire to hook up.
Girl: Great reunion get together! After looking at the reunion photo's I pulled out our yearbook and I have to say you were really hot!
Boy: You wouldn't give me the time of day in high school, sounds like now you are photoshopping me?
Girl: Doesn't mean we can't hook up now does it?
Boy (to his 15yr old self) : Stick with it! She'll come around eventually. Dreams can come true.
#memory #beer googles #hookup #hook up #reunions
by LittleDuke November 14, 2012
The kind of situations that are invented to add more drama to real world problems that are on the surface ridiculous when compared to even First World Problems.
"Can you believe I had to drive back home to bring my son his dress clothes for Wednesday mass at school because they don't let children wear shorts on that day? Even though they can on Sundays?"

Damn girl, that isn't even a first world problem -- it's a "fake world problem"
by LittleDuke May 23, 2016
Oh For Fuck Sake
OFFS! Can you believe it's illegal to buy beer in Minnesota on Sundays??
#wtf #wth #fuckna #goddammit #shit
by LittleDuke June 03, 2015
Sick N Fucking Tired
I am so SNFT of this rain! When will it end?
#frustrated #saft #pissed-off #irritated #angry
by LittleDuke May 30, 2015
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