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2 definitions by LittleDuke

The process of reviewing old photo's or yearbooks and suddenly discovering that someone has become more attractive. Usually indicative of a change in tastes or maturity, or a desire to hook up.
Girl: Great reunion get together! After looking at the reunion photo's I pulled out our yearbook and I have to say you were really hot!
Boy: You wouldn't give me the time of day in high school, sounds like now you are photoshopping me?
Girl: Doesn't mean we can't hook up now does it?
Boy (to his 15yr old self) : Stick with it! She'll come around eventually. Dreams can come true.
by LittleDuke November 14, 2012
1. Bitcoin (.00000001) A self-effacing homonym formed that means "non cents" or a contraction of "nonce cents" -- and sounds like "nonsense"!
This round we had 6M shares in, and I'll I got for my effort was .12345678 Noncents!
by LittleDuke April 07, 2012