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To "hook-up" with the same individual repeatedly, with out actually going out together "officially".
Meeting up, hanging out, & engaging in sexual activety with a specific individual on a regular basis.. But never claiming to be dating, or speaking about what it is that you are doing at all. (Usually begins at bars or other group social functions.)
Also known as "common law dating".
Becki & John? Oh, they're not officially together.. They are just San Jose dating.
by littledesertflower November 01, 2010
When you have a close encounter with a spider (or any unwelcome little bug), & after you're hyper-sensitive/aware of EVERY little tickle you feel, fearing it may be another critter crawling on ya.
I cant stop scratching my head ever since I found that ant in my hair. I keep thinking I feel more. I got a bad case of the creepy tickles!
by littledesertflower December 06, 2010
To win, or achieve success without any foul play, cheating, or manipulation.. By completely fair & ethical & honorable means.
Congrats on coming in 1st place John. You were awesome! I know you worked hard, & all that practice paid off. Thats straight winning on the square!
by littledesertflower September 24, 2011
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