2 definitions by Little Shadow Lurker

The appairant magical creature that comes to you when you are eighter high or wasted when you look porn.

It is said to look like Barney with sex toy strapt to a belt around his waist.
Friend 1: (Looking at toys) "Wow!" (Nearly Faints)

Friend 2: "What is it man"

Friend 1: " I just saw the Pornasaurus Rex man."

Friend 2: "Wow whats he like?"

Friend 1: "He's awesome!"
by Little Shadow Lurker August 04, 2010
The act of not forcefuly not playing The Sims 3 because you know you won't be able to stop.

A.K.A Being abstadent from The Sims.
Person 1: I thought you would be playing The Sims

Person 2: Not now I'm Simadent right now.

Person 1: Okay then.
by Little Shadow Lurker August 03, 2010

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