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(synonyms - quirky englishman, quirkster, quirkbine harvester)
Having a peculiar character. Standing our from the crowd for the sake of it.
Eg Always eating burgers upside down.
Playing the piano whilst everyone else is socialising.
Doing a rubix cube. (3X3? oh no? too mainstream... 4X4, if there was such thing as a 2 X 4 X 3.5, would probably do that)
Having a toy dog that you always scratch in the same place.
Occasionally sporting the one eyebrow look.
Buying stationary 50 at a time.
Buying the "Breakfast at tiffanies" sandwich.
Look at that quirky fella over there juggling.

Why does that guy have one red sock one blue? He's a quirky little bastard.

Why is that guy boiled the water when making his squash? Cool water is too mainstream! Ahh he's a quirkster is he?
by Little Red Ridings March 22, 2009
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