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2 definitions by Little Pretty

That's bone, and the lettering is something called Silian Rail.
Some awful brat hurls frenetic and confused monologues of abuse and disturbed opinion at all and sundry on Youtube comments.
They continue to do this, replying to any person who argues back, with mounting vitriol and obvious veins popping near temples. They then mistakenly reply to their own comment in CAPS LOCK, pointing out what they think is wrong with the entire situation, and boasting of their pride at humiliating everyone.
They then go very quiet, and disappear from the page.
That's Bone!
by Little Pretty December 12, 2010
Australian term popular in the 70's and rarely heard now. Not without it's peculiar Oz charm and used in a fairly benign manner to tell some charmless, or possibly, devilishly charming lair to get a move on.
At the local, a boyishly handsome wag is eyeing up the pretty barmaid.
He not so subtly makes it clear to his mates that she is rather attractive, and completely at his mercy.
Wag: Patty has splendid breast definition, wouldn't you agree?
Sniggering round of agreement from assembled uglies.
Patty: Oh, Rack off Normie! You and your mates!
Giggles all round from the ladies, and rounds of applause from the gents.
by Little Pretty December 19, 2010