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3 definitions by Little Missy Licky

The act of cumming without the cum.

When one's cum is clogged in the shaft of the penis causing a very painful ejaculation in dribbles.
BRIANS MOM: I ask you to cum over my face!
BRIAN: Sorry Mom I had a cumclot!
BRIANS MOM: You useless son of a bitch!


by Little Missy Licky November 24, 2007
The measurements of a guys dick.

When asking politely in a chat for the size of a man's cock!
HOTCHATBOY: So you wanna hook up bitch?
BIGIRL29: Dick Stats???
HOTCHATBOY: 9"inch thick, shaven balls, uncut.
BIGIRL: Sorry I don't feel like dick tonight, I wanna eat pussy
HOTCHATBOY: lemme cream pie u b4 u go bitch
BIGIRL29: No thanks I'd rather catch aids and die
HOTCHATBOY: Bitch i'm gonna cut u bad!
HOTBIGIRL: te he he
by Little Missy Licky January 20, 2008
To be off yer head, smoking Marijuana.
Brian burnt so much toke that he had smoke both blowing through his mouth and asshole.
by Little Missy Licky November 16, 2007