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The act of cumming without the cum.

When one's cum is clogged in the shaft of the penis causing a very painful ejaculation in dribbles.
BRIANS MOM: I ask you to cum over my face!
BRIAN: Sorry Mom I had a cumclot!
BRIANS MOM: You useless son of a bitch!


by Little Missy Licky November 24, 2007
The measurements of a guys dick.

When asking politely in a chat for the size of a man's cock!
HOTCHATBOY: So you wanna hook up bitch?
BIGIRL29: Dick Stats???
HOTCHATBOY: 9"inch thick, shaven balls, uncut.
BIGIRL: Sorry I don't feel like dick tonight, I wanna eat pussy
HOTCHATBOY: lemme cream pie u b4 u go bitch
BIGIRL29: No thanks I'd rather catch aids and die
HOTCHATBOY: Bitch i'm gonna cut u bad!
HOTBIGIRL: te he he
by Little Missy Licky January 20, 2008
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