5 definitions by Little Jimmy

to do something,whether it be go to work,clean the house or any other mundane chore
little jimmy:but ma i washed the dishes yesterday.
jimmys mom:clean your shorts boy,clean your shorts.
by little jimmy February 16, 2004
one of francesca's numerous nicknames along w/ sloot, two quatas, and queen sloot
little jimmy ate a box of chessy bread
by little jimmy March 28, 2003
the beat off or beat it see to flog the dolphin
The BMODL freed willy in the prostitutes eye.
by little jimmy March 25, 2003
Extremely cool, rad, kickass, or awesome
Man 1 - "yo, you see that shit?'
Man 2 - "yeah bro, it was rocketship"
by Little Jimmy March 05, 2005
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