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The belief that New York is the center of the world and that nothing more than 2 hours outside of New York City is a part of America.

A misguided perception of non-New Yorkers and the belief that others are provincial because they don't live in NYC.

The idea that everything you could ever want is in NYC and there is no good reason to ever leave.
New Yorker: So where are you from?
Maryland-er: I'm from Baltimore.
New Yorker: What do you mean Baltimore? I thought you were going to say Brooklyn. Baltimore? That's so far away, that's like in the middle of nowhere!
Maryland-er: Dude, it's like 3 hours from here.
New Yorker: I know! It's so far!
Maryland-er: Man, you have such a New York Mentality.
by Little Chick March 11, 2008

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